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Optical & BGA Inspection Systems

What are the Applications?

Optical Inspection, recording, analysis and documentation of:

  • BGA
  • μBGA as low as 40 microns stand-off
  • CSP
  • Flip-Chip
  • SMT Solder Joints
  • Printed Solder Paste
  • ASsembled PCBs
  • Stencil Apertures
  • Components, pad, scores, connectors, cables


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Many choices and useful options

Powerful Optical Zoom
Select between W30, M20 or W10 with x10, x20 or x30 optical zoom depending on optical magnification your application requires. 

Auto Focus optics 
Allows inspection of your objects at different heights and magnifications fast and without use of hands. 

Longer Working Distances 
Get 245 mm as standard and 500mm with FreeSight 

Larger Depth of Field 
Optilia systems are originally designed for large depth of focus. In addition, iris of W10 and W30 cameras can be controlled manually to create even more depth of focus. 

Additional Macro Lenses 
Select any of +2, +5 and +10 diopter macro lenses (close-up) if your application requires higher magnification than standard. 

Polarization optics for Glare Removal 
Remove glare and reflections from your picture by adding polarization filters to your optical system.

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